'Moss Verbena' Kitchen and Air Freshener OUT OF STOCK - WILL BE BACK SOON !!

The Cleaner Soul


Think of this as your very own, non-toxic, eco-friendly version of Febreze!


No harmful chemicals, no harmful plastics. Removes odors, infused with essential oils. Spread love...not germs. 

What it is: A 100% non-toxic, all natural air refresher, room and fabric spray. Energize your soul and surrounding space while removing odors, leaving you submerged in the warm aromas of organic essential oils. This spray will have every room in your home smelling fabulous. And it's totally guilt free to use around pets, babies, family, and friends!


Safe to use in every room, car, office, gym bag, closet, etc! Offered in a 8oz ounce glass bottle (say no to plastic!) that lasts!