Prep and Rally 'Mojave Poppy' and 'Moss Verbena' Bundle

The Cleaner Soul

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The Prep and Rally X Cleaner Soul bundle is an exclusive special, consisting of an entirely new scent researched and developed by our in house formulator, and Dini herself! 

We share a strange obsession with cactuses, deserts, and the whole vibe.. So inspired that it became the theme and inspiration behind this new product collaboration.

''I fell in love with The Cleaner Soul non-toxic products and knew I wanted to bring it to my community with a unique fragrance that is quintessentially me'' - Dini Klein of Prep and Rally

Each bundle includes:

1x Multi-Purpose Starter Kit in 'Mojave Poppy'

1x Non-Toxic Air Freshener in 'Moss Verbena'

Mojave Poppy and Verbena are desert plants but are names that truly encapsulate these products. Both woodsy. Both earthy. Both slightly musky yet clean.

When your multi-purpose cleaner bottle is empty, keep it forever... And simply re-fill with our 2oz concentrate refill bottles. Good for you, better for planet earth!  

We hope you love them as much as we do. 


Amanda and Dini