From Our Founder Amanda:

I started The Cleaner Soul after a shock breast cancer diagnosis. I was a health conscious personal trainer and a positive lifestyle advocate and never thought this would happen to me. I knew internally I was eating well and keeping healthy so I started to reevaluate what products I was surrounding myself with that could disrupt my health. Perfumes were the first products I eliminated when I realized how toxic the synthetic fragrances are.

This made me look into the fragrances in other products, especially my household cleaners. I was horrified to learn how we, the consumers, are being deceived and duped into trusting that these cleaning products are safeguarding our families and homes, when in fact by using these harmful and toxic-laden chemical products, we are creating a horrific environment in our homes, and subjecting our families to serious, long-term health risks. I could no longer trust any of these products; even the ones labelled safe and natural were misleading.

So I started making my own in my kitchen with food-grade ingredients only. After I finalized a formula I liked, I called upon a formulator friend to tweak the ingredients to the point that they were more effective and proven to clean well with the correct PH, making them skin-contact safe, food-contact safe, and baby and pet safe. I also wanted to add essential oils so whilst you clean you get the healing benefits from the aromas of the oils. It was important for me to create one cleaning solution that you can use safely and effectively in every room, on every surface.

You just pick the aroma to match or improve your mood. What sets my products apart is that they are 100% non-toxic and in eco-friendly refillable glass bottles (never plastic). We use only the highest quality ingredients rated # 1 on EWG, and we use organic essential oils for therapeutic aromatherapy.

BONUS - As well as leaving your areas smelling amazing, they are very effective cleaners with infinite applications around the house. It's time to throw away that basket full of cleaners, and clean out underneath the kitchen sink because these products do it all. Cleaner Soul has touched and changed the lives of thousands around the world, and our journey to educate, protect, and make a real difference in households globally has only just begun.

We are now on a mission to eliminate these harmful chemicals and plastics from our lives, and out of harm's way of our loved ones around the world. Are you ready to be a CleanerSoul?