Let's keep our community healthy!   

Let's keep our community healthy!   
What can you do to keep yourself healthy?


As always, the health and wellness of our community is our top priority. With the growing concerns of Coronavirus developments, we’re committed to closely following updates and are doing our part to keep you informed, as well as equiped with the best products to fight harmful germs!

Our hand sanitizing serums contain 62.5% alcohol, proven to kill germs and bacteria, and are 100% non-toxic to kids, the elderly, animals, and anyone else in-between!

While we are all hunkering down and spending all of our time at home with loved ones, it's never been more important to keep your soul clean! 

Keep in touch with us on Instagram for helpful tips and updates on how to protect your loved ones at home and on the road! We're found @CleanerSoul!

We'll also be launching our #HeathCareHero contest this week, where we will be donating hand sanitizers to front line heros for every purchase made. 

Stay tuned, in good health xo

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