Soulful Essential Oils

The Cleaner Soul

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For Body, For Mind, For Soul. 

How these oil works, we may never understand, but the results are nothing short of amazing! 
Say no to burning toxic candles
- Deal with and take stress away 
- Stay calm and centered  
- Sleep easy, summon sweeter dreams  
-  Release your inner peace 
- Increase your natural Immunity 
- Increase your energy levels 
- Breathe easier 
- Create a sustainable good mood 

Add The Cleaner Soul's best selling  BREATHE  COCONUT  LAVENDER or  APHRODISIAC  soulful oils to your favorite diffuser or any applicable device and let the powerful contents do the work. 
 Add a few drops (depending on how strong you want the aroma to be)  for a bold aroma to lift your spirits and mollify anger. Add a few drops to a bath for a decadent soak.
BREATHE soulful essential oil  is a blend of eucalyptus essential oils to leave your space smelling like a clean spa, invigorate your mood, open up the airways, relieve congestion and clear stuffy noses whilst  promote positive energy
COCONUT soulful essential oil is a blend of orange, grapefruit and lemon essential oils and a non toxic fragrance oil to gently soothe, calm and promote a happy mood. Create beach vibes in your home.
LAVENDER soulful essential oil is a blend of lavender essential oils that gently calm , soothe and promote good feeling and healing vibes. 
APHRODISIAC soulful essential oil  is a sensual aroma  created from a luxurious blend of Ylang Ylang essential oil for a potent aphrodisiac, Patchouli essential oil - for libido enhancing effects and Frankincense essential oil to soothe and calm. This oil is strong and you only need a few drops. If using on your skin check for skin sensitivity first then allow the natural heat from your skin to release the full vibrancy and warmth of this blend. This aroma develops and settles over time -the longer you wear it the better it gets.
This is a favorite of The Cleaner Soul team, we use this all year round!