Cleaner Soul. Shine from within.

Amanda Leibowitz


I have always been a “clean freak” and even more so once I had children. I believed that I was protecting my family from germs and keeping us all healthy with a clean home. Many years ago I had the opportunity to go to a factory that manufactured chemicals for the cleaning product industry. I had never thought to research exactly what went into the products I was using; I believed the commercials I saw and like most consumers, I was enticed into purchasing these products by the fancy packaging and branding. I was horrified to realize how we, the consumers, are being deceived and duped into trusting that these products are safeguarding our families and homes. Big mistake. In fact, by using these noxious chemical products we are creating a toxic environment and subjecting our families to serious, long-term health risks. I could no longer trust the ingredients listed (and not listed) in these products. I had nightmares thinking about the huge smoking chemical vats I had seen in the factory. I had to wear a protective mask to prevent the fumes damaging my lungs, yet I had been spraying them freely in my home. I realized I was endangering the health of my family by using these poisons in my home and I couldn’t ever buy these cleaners and air fresheners again. I started researching and making my own very basic household cleaners with vinegar and lemon juice. It smelt nasty and truthfully, didn’t clean well. I persevered and after experimenting I found a formula that worked and with the addition of pure organic essential oils smelled fantastic. Friends would come into my house and always comment on the way it always smelled so fabulous. They were constantly asking me to make some for them and once they had used it they never wanted to use anything else. Their enthusiasm and positive feedback made me realize I should be making this available to everyone.

Taylor Loeffler


My passion for health and fitness spawned in my youth as a gangly teenager standing over six ft tall in high school. During this phase, I had a desire to fill out my frame which spurred an interest in sports nutrition, supplementation and natural products. I pursued this intrigue in my education, completing a Bachelors degree in Biochemistry at the University of Nevada - Las Vegas where I achieved academic honors and was awarded an Undergraduate Research Grant from the state of Nevada. For the past ten years, I have been working in the nutraceutical industry honing my passion for natural alternatives in supplementation, health, beauty and lifestyle products Being the Natural Product Formulation Scientist at Cleaner Soul allows me to fulfill my ambition of creating safe non-toxic, multi-purpose products that can be in everyone's homes.